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Service on site

Service on site

On-site cylinder service:

Our services include tracking down faults, performing repairs and removing and building in cylinders. This could be for maritime & offshore applications as well as for industrial applications, nationally or internationally: we are at your service.

When a fault is reported, we can come to the site to inspect the situation, draw up a plan of action together with you and go into action immediately. In some cases, this can involve repairs on site, in other cases we immediately remove the cylinder, take it to the workshop for dismounting and repair, and then bring it back and reinstall it.

Thanks to the international network, of which we are the initiators, our technicians can call on local backup from service partners, and we can also deploy service partners to inspect or remedy a fault without having to fly over a technician from the Netherlands.


The work we carry out most frequently is maintenance, remedying faults and making modifications.

Construction work:

The supply and provision of construction work is part of our day-to-day work. This can range from repairing a section of shell plating or a hatch to replacing a piece of coaming. We also design, deliver and place new wheel housings for cranes, consoles, ship’s hatches, new cranes or steel constructions for the placement of objects on deck.


On-site refurbishment

Refurbishing and overhauling machines and equipment on site takes place after thorough preparation. Tools and parts are sent to the site, a project plan is drawn up, engineering is carried out. In many cases, we make use of a mobile workshop/container. Primarily in the case of jobs abroad (which are the most common), it is important to be self-supporting. The container(s) are also used to transport the removed and exchanged parts back home. Once back in the Netherlands, exchange parts are refurbished, so that they can be used again as exchange parts at another time.

Refurbishment in the workshop

Cylinders, construction parts, hydraulics, etc., i.e. the parts which are most often removed by our field service team or by customers and which must bee prepared for redeployment, are refurbished in the workshop. We also supply boring, turning, welding, construction work, hydraulics, electrics, engineering.