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Cylinder overhaul

Cylinder overhaul

Overhauling cylinders in the workshop:

Overhauling cylinders is carried out by our own professionals, and takes place in our own workshop. The workshop is set up specially for this purpose.  Parts, tube and rod material are usually in stock, as a result of which we can overhaul every type of cylinder or create a new cylinder 24/7. Hundreds of cylinders are overhauled and/or produced each year here. These cylinders originate from maritime applications such as hatch systems, steering apparatus, cranes and offshore, but also from land applications such as trailers, forklift trucks, cherry pickers and container trucks and industry.

Operations such as turning, boring, welding, but also testing, are carried out in house.  Our field service department takes care of tracking down faults, removing and reinstalling cylinders on site.  A number of specialists operate both in house and in the field, so that knowledge and knowhow are optimally distributed and deployed.

Cylinder parts:

In order to be able to perform our service work optimally, we keep a broad range of cylinder parts and hydraulics parts in stock. These parts are also available separately.