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Hatch cover systems

Hatch cover systems


Hatch cover systems

Our business started out in hatch systems. Pontoon hatch systems, hydraulic folding hatches, between-decks, these are all our day-to-day work.

Although we no longer produce the steel for the hatches in house, we still supply and maintain them. In general terms, we distinguish two forms of supply:

  1. Design, complete delivery and maintenance;
  2. The supply of the design with parts (the yard builds the steel hatch), placement, setting up, commissioning and maintenance.

Depending on the type selected, our systems are supplied including the crane hatch, hydraulic power unit(s), cylinders, etc.

Maritime engineering

Engineering is an important part of our range. This can involve matters such as:

  1. Steel construction or mechanical engineering
  2. Hydraulic design
  3. Electrical diagram

We provide engineering for modifications and newbuilds. This can involve both temporary and permanent constructions.  We specialise in the maritime area. Our expertise is in hatch cover systems, tween decks, separation bulkheads, bow doors and/or shell doors and special cranes.