Rotterdam Ship Service (RSS) is a 24/7 service company with more than 20 years of experience. Our services consist primarily of:

· Service: technical support, engineering, construction work, maintenance, inspections and repairs
· Ships’ Hatches Service: service, maintenance, inspections and repairs to all types and makes
· Crane Service: maintenance, service, inspections, repairs and official inspections
· Cylinders: overhauling cylinders and supplying new cylinders
· Components: maintaining a stock of spare parts, including for repairs and overhauls
· Tensioning: certified tensioning and inspection of bolted connections, rental and sale of tools

RSS is an independent company. Partly thanks to this independence, we have excellent contacts with various manufacturers, which regularly deploy us as an extension of their own organisation. Our people are given retraining on the specific characteristics of the products of such customers. Partly as a result of this, they can handle any system, irrespective of the type or make.

RSS is the initiator of the Maritime Equipment Solutions network. This international cooperative venture of service companies ensures that we can get a specialist in place anywhere in the world very quickly. It increases the knowledge, experience and possibilities available, so that we can serve you even better.

RSS works with a group of highly motivated and extremely driven employees and partners. Our vision is: “your problem is our challenge”. We have an extensive service network, so that we can serve you anywhere in the world.